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We only get to enjoy our garden furniture for a few months of the year so its important that we use this time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends instead of trying to maintain and clean our furniture! All of our furniture has been made with weather resistant materials to outstand our harsh weather conditions, however, if they are not looked after correctly they will begin to deteriorate. This is why we have put together our top tips for cleaning your furniture which will allow you to enjoy more time in the sun!

How to Clean Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture

There is minimal effort involved in cleaning your metal furniture. All of our cast aluminium furniture has been powder coated to prevent chipping and is designed to protect the metal from the elements. It is also rust-free which means it is fine to be left outdoors all year round however we do advise to cover it over the winter months to keep it clean and to protect the finish on it. To clean your aluminium furniture simply use a sponge and warm soapy water. Your furniture will look as good as new! 

How to Clean Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan furniture can be tricky to clean. There are a lot of grooves that dirt can fall into making it a bit of a nightmare at times, however, if you follow these tips, you will have no problem keeping your rattan furniture as good as new!

1. Use a vacuum to remove any loose dust and dirt.

2. Use a toothbrush or cocktail stick to remove any fine bits of dirt.

3. Fill a bowl with warm soapy water. With a soft cloth use only the bubbles from the soapy water and gently wash the surface of the rattan.

4. Leave to dry.

How to Clean Outdoor Cushions

Our cushions are weather resistant, not weatherproof so they do require some extra care.

All of our seat cushion covers can be taken off and washed in the machine on a delicate wash (you don't want to shrink them!). Some of our back cushions cannot be taken off, but don't worry we have cleaning guidelines for you to follow to remove those food and drink stains. Vacuum your cushions first and then wash with a sponge and an upholstery shampoo to remove any stubborn stains. It is also important that you store all of your cushions in a dry, weatherproof place to prevent mould and mildew. This can be in an outdoor storage box which is specifically designed to store cushions or inside your own home.