Welcome to Direct Wicker.

Direct wicker is a local Canifornia established company.

Our brand since 2008, Direct Wicker was created to provide you with comfortable and affordable furnitures for your garden but also bridge

and an opportunity for modern citizens in the metropolises to reconcile and re-connect with our mother nature. It has been scientifically proven

that being with natural environment can improve the general well-being for us and also boost the immune system. Hence, the fundamental vision

for Direct Wicker brand is to provide a chance for the public to have a moment in their daily life to re-link with the natural elements to unwind and

re-gain the energy from the earth beneath us and the nature surround us .

We are always making inspiration a reality. Based in Canifornia and Florida, we are shipping across mainland USA.


Design Team:

All of the Direct Wicker’s products are originally created by our design team and 90 percent of them are already patented. The Direct Wicker 

designers constantly aim to create luxurious and comfortable products that offer practicality alongside a great aesthetic appeal. Your

household outdoor experience is always our design passion. 


We have multiple warehouses located in Canifornia and Florida, with sufficient stocks and a convenient domestic delivery system, Direct Wicker

would be able to offer nationwide shipments across the USA.

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Customer Service:

Direct Wicker has professional customer service teams in Canifornia and Florida, to provide customers with timely and accurate after-sales service,

we aim to make every customer a happy & satisfied shopping experience at Direct Wicker.

Show Room:

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Our showroom is located in Florida. We welcome all of our visitors to discover our collections and ranges. If you wish to experience the Direct 

Wicker quality firsthand and see how our unique designed Patio furniture can truly transform your outdoor space? Visit a showroom to see and

feel our quality luxury rattan furniture! Our staff are there to help you every step of the way in making the perfect purchase for your garden.

Your home, Our passion!