The Love Chronicle of Direct Wicker

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The Love Chronicle of Direct Wicker

Direct Wicker Patio Furniture was founded 10 years ago in themost scenic andserene area of California by a lovely andcharming couple - Alisa and Perston. Back then, both of themhave already established their most successful and prosperousbusiness in home decoration and furniture market.Apart from their flourishing business and success in the homeadmirers for our natural world. While they used their brilliantbusiness ideas gained grand achievements in the commercialrealm, they also used their leisure time toured around the globeto explore the natural wonders of our blue planet. From thesnowy peak, the jade lake, the emerald forest, and the brightruby sunset, they received the most precious gift man can have -deep appreciation for our mother nature and a content tranquilinner life.

After the lovely couple returned from their journey ofboth mind and body to the wild nature, they came upwith this great idea - to add a touch of natural beauty totheir existing furniture business - and that is the BigBang moment for Direct Wicker Patio Furniture.With the inspiration from the natural beauty, DirectWicker Patio Furniture brand was created to provide abridge and an opportunity for modern citizens in themetropolises to reconcile and re-connect with ourmother nature. It has been scientifically proven thatbeing with natural environment can improve thegeneral well-being for us and also boost the immunesystem. Hence, the fundamental vision for DirectWicker brand is to provide a chance for the public tohave a moment in their daily life to re-link with thenatural elements to unwind and re-gain the energyfrom the earth beneath us and the nature surround us.

In the meanwhile, as connoisseur for aestheticsand the value of art in life, Alisa and Perston werealso determined to put aesthetic value at the corepart of Direct Wicker brand. From the early stage,they have invested heavily in design concept forthe patio furniture, and recruited a team of themost creative and artistic minds to provide thefinest designer furniture for the customers.

Deep in the heart, Alisa and Perston are also heldgreatest esteem for the life of human being. Theywant to show their respect for the life through theproducts they made with their company. So DirectWicker only uses the highest quality material fortheir furniture. They want to provide the mostdurable and safe furniture for their senior andjunior customers and also benefit all the otherliving creatures in the world, and that is whyalmost all the material used by Direct Wicker iseco-friendly.

Coming from the deepest care for the customer and theirdreams in life, Direc Wicker also promised to provide the bestcustomer care experience for both existing customers andfriends who are interested in the furniture. Direct Wicker atthis stage has a global customer service team capable ofproviding 24/7 customer service plans and customer careagent teams arepresenting at every single local market thathas Direct Wicker furniture.

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